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Gluing construction for K3 surfaces
Félix Lequen

ENS Lyon
Quinta-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2019, 15:30
Sala 224

It is common in topology to obtain new manifolds by gluing, for example with connected sums or surgery. This seems harder to do in the realm of complex manifolds. Koike and Uehara have recently described a construction of K3 surfaces obtained by gluing pieces of complex surfaces along Levi-flat hypersurfaces. These pieces are obtained by blowing up the projective plane and removing holomorphic tubular neighbourhoods of elliptic curves. The point is to first describe what Levi-flat hypersurfaces are and why they are well suited to gluing construction, then to explain how and when one can take holomorphic tubular neighbourhoods and finally to use this to obtain K3 surfaces.