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Palestra Especial

CrimAnalyzer: Understanding crime patterns in the city of São Paulo
Jorge Luis Poco Medina

Quarta-feira, 15 de maio de 2019, 14:30
Auditorio Ricardo Mañé

In this paper we present CrimAnalyzer, a visualization assisted analytic tool 
that allows users to analyze the behavior of crimes in specific regions of a 
city. The system allows users to identify local hotspots, their pattern of 
crimes, and how the hotspots and corresponding crime patterns change over time. 
CrimAnalyzer has been developed from the demand of a team of experts in 
criminology and deals with three major challenges in this context:

  1. flexibility to explore local regions and understand their crime patterns
  2. identification of spatial crime hotspots that might not be the most prevalent ones in terms of the number of crimes but are important enough to be investigated, and 
  3. understand the dynamic of crime patterns and types overtime.

The effectiveness and usefulness of the proposed system is demonstrated
in case studies involving real data and validated by domain experts throught a
number of experiments that show the capability of CrimAnalyzer in identifying
crime related phenomena.