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Seminário Simplético (IMPA - PUC - UFF - UFRJ)

Coisotropic Triples and their reduction: towards $K$-theory
Stefan Waldmann

University of Würzburg
Terça-feira, 19 de março de 2019, 16:00
Auditorio 1

In my talk I will explain the notion of a coisotropic triple which governs many geometric situations related to various sorts of reductions like coisotropic reduction in Poisson geometry. It reformulates the reduction in an entirely algebraic way and allows for non-commutative examples from deformation quantization as well. Having such an algebraic formulation based on bicategories, the notion of Morita equivalence is immediate. After characterizing Morita equivalence bimodules explicitly, I explain which options for the notion of projective modules are available and how they can be reduced. The project is based on joint work with Marvin Dippell and Chiara Esposito.