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Controllable GHz-THz Nonlinear Optics in Superlattices
M. F. Pereira

Department of Condensed Matter Theory Institute of Physics, Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic
Sexta-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2019, 15:30
Sala 236

This talk starts by summarizing the main activities in Theory of Semiconductor Materials and Optics at the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences and a bridge between fundamental mathematical physics in medicine, the environment and the protection of critical infrastructures by means of state of art GHz-MIR-THz-NIR sources and detectors [1-6].


Next I focus on a predictive microscopic approach combining Nonequilibrium Green's Functions (NEGF) and relaxation-rate approximations for the Boltzmann equation leading to fully analytical expressions for the nonlinear polarization in semiconductor superlattices (SSLs) at arbitrary orders . The nonlinearities are controllable and very good agreement has been found between theory and experiments [3-4].


Furthermore a realistic determination of the efficiency of the SSLs as devices for room temperature THz radiation based on harmonic on multiplication of GHz inputs is delivered.


These results open the possibility of extending the whole field of nonlinear optics to the GHZ-THz range and the possibility of designing materials and devices for a large number of applications, including spectroscopy of biomolecules, which typically have strong GHz-THz resonances.