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Geometria Diferencial

Symplectic embeddings, lagrangian products and integrable systems
Vinicius Ramos

Terça-feira, 4 de setembro de 2018, 15:30
Sala 236

Symplectic embedding problems are at the core of the study of symplectic topology. There are many well-known results for so-called toric domains, but very little is known about other kinds of domains. In this talk, I will mostly speak about a different kind of domain, namely a lagrangian product. These domains are of a very different nature and are related to billiards, as discovered by Artstein-Avidan and Ostrover. I will explain how to use integrable systems to see that some of these products are secretely toric domains and how to use symplectic capacities to obtain sharp obstructions to many symplectic embedding problems.