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Seminário Simplético (IMPA - PUC - UFF - UFRJ)

String topology via symplectic geometry
Dmitry Tonkonog

U. C. Berkeley
Terça-feira, 14 de agosto de 2018, 14:30
Auditorio 3

A Weinstein domain is a symplectic thickening of a singular CW complex called its skeleton. Floer theory on a Weinstein domain offers a way of looking at the geometry of the loop space of the skeleton. While this story reduces to the celebrated Viterbo theorem in the case of cotangent bundles, it is much more interesting and less explored in the case when the skeleton is singular. For example, using this circle of ideas, Shende and Ekholm-Shende-Ng proved in 2017 that the Legendrian conormal of a knot detects the smooth isotopy class of the knot. I will present an overview of these results.