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Física Matemática

Analytical Solutions for Luminescence of Semiconductors
Mauro F. Pereira

Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic
Quinta-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2018, 17:00
Sala 232

Luminescence is one of the most important characterisation tools of semiconductor materials and devices. Recently, a very efficient analytical set of equations has been applied to explain optical properties, notably the evolution of peak luminescence gain with temperature and its relation to sample quality of dilute semiconductors, such as ternary GaAsSb, InAsN, and quaternary InAs(N,Sb) [1-3].

This talk summarizes important steps of the derivation of these expressions and delivers a mathematical physics framework that can used to apply exactly solvable Hamiltonians for realistic studies of luminescence in various systems [4].  The validity of the approximations necessary to reach an exactly solvable model are explained in detail .

These results are complemented by a study of optical nonlinearities [5-7] and luminescence of short period semiconductor superlattices. The numerical applications illustrate the limiting cases in which the theory clearly connects with low density absorption with ratios of oscillator strengths of bound and continuum states as expected from the Elliott formula for excitonic absorption.


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