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Física Matemática

TERA-MIR Radiation and Possible Cooperation Projects with Prague
Mauro F. Pereira

Institute of Physics, Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic
Quinta-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2018, 17:00
Sala 232

This talk starts by summarizing the main goals and achievements of the TERA-MIR network [1], whose main objectives are to advance novel materials, concepts and device designs for generating and detecting THz and Mid Infrared radiation using semiconductor, superconductor, metamaterials and lasers and to beneficially exploit their common aspects within a synergetic approach. Results are presented along our main lines of research: Intersubband materials and devices with applications to fingerprint spectroscopy; Metamaterials, photonic crystals and new functionalities; Nonlinearities and interaction of radiation with matter including biomaterials; Generation and Detection based on Nitrides and Bismides.  Next I summarize mathematical physics research results in which I have been directly involved including new algorithms for quantum cascade laser simulations [2,3] lasers without inversion and laser linewidth [4-6] and theory and measurements of harmonic generation in semiconductor superlattices with applications in the 100 GHz to 1 THz range [7-8].   The final technical part of the talk is dedicated to the coupling of TERA-MIR radiation with intersubband excitations in microcavities [9,10] and thermophotovoltaics [11]. The theoretical results outlined are intended to stimulate further cooperation between theory and experimental teams.

To conclude I will deliver a summary of possible projects for PhD students and Postdocs in Mathematical Physics available with funding at the Department of Condensed Matter Theory.


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